Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Notes on Notes on a Scandal

OK, not exactly early childhood education. And good book, couldn't put it down, I even kept reading it going up the lift at Caledonian Road Station. It's set in Islington, in a secondary school. Some questions which came up for me -

One - can you imagine an Islington school where there is a "headmaster's garden" which is planted and maintained every year by the caretaker and his assistant? With a special scheme of tulips for the headmaster to look out over?

Two - how many Islington teenagers have ever owned - or even borrowed - a pager?

Three - what would really happen if there was a "mis-rule" day every year where the children took over and the headteacher dressed up as a jester? For the whole day?

That's about it. Nothing like any Islington school I've ever been in.