Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Babies, the media and ethics


Hi Julian,

I am working on The Charlotte Church show, for Channel 4 which will air in July.

At the moment I am approaching nursery schools to feature in our show.

Charlotte gave birth to a baby girl in September, so her new series will include baby related items.

We would like to film a fun video insert in the next few weeks.

We would be a small crew and we would quite simply film two young toddlers who have just learnt to walk 'racing' each other dressed up in mini sports wear.

Obviously, this would be a very short race that would last until one of them toppled over! We would need the babies for less than half an hour and would not put them under any stress.

It would be great if we could come and film at your nusery.

Please give me a call to discuss if you are interested.

Thanks so much

[I have deleted the name]