Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Leadership in the early years - 100 difficult days

This was the second seminar I did for the Birmingham EYPS conference in July 2009- this was well received by the participants and generated a lot of discussion. There's also a nice comment on the Foundation Stage Forum. I think some my feelings were shared: many people are fed up with fairy tales of transformational management, and the whole language of inspirational leadership etc in education is getting more and more out of hand. This was an attempt to capture some of the feelings of uncertainty, fears of failure, and the sense of muddle that often goes along with trying to change a school or nursery setting.


  1. Hi Julian,

    Is the EYPS Conference in question the one which recently took place in Birmingham?

    Am I doing something wrong? I don't see anything about EYPS or the conference.

    Instead there's a slideshow of what looks like some critical observations on a particular childcare setting.



  2. Yea, I understand that those fairy tales have been told for quite some time now, which isn't very encouraging for those of us who are just about to undertake the program.

    In other words, I wouldn't put my money on the problem being solved anytime soon.

    At least if they weren't going to completely solve the problem, they should at least try and make some incremental progress, rather than saying "We have a problem, it's such and such", and one year down the line, we just hear the exact same thing.