Sunday, 7 October 2012

Kate Greenaway Nursery School and Children's Centre - recent coverage

It's been really pleasing for me to see, in the space of just a week or so, two pieces about Kate Greenaway where I was previously headteacher. Juliet Robertson has written a splendid piece about her visit earlier in September as part of London Open for Play. It's accompanied by some very atmospheric photos - this is one of my favourites.

There's also a short piece from Community Playthings which takes me back to visiting them in 2004 to think about furniture, when half the place was still a building site.  I remember moving little plastic cut outs of furniture all over the architects' plans to decide what to order and where it should go - of course, when it all arrived half my ideas turned out to be totally wrong, but luckily the furniture is adaptable enough that you can join it up in lots of different ways. There is still probably a cupboard half-full of those brown plastic joiners, all the same...