Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Helping children with their early reading and writing in the EYFS: shared and modelled approaches

In the nursery school where I'm headteacher, we've spent several months debating and then summarising our approach to supporting young children's early literacy development. You can read our full document here.

We wanted to think in particular about the role of direct teaching, as well as all the opportunities which children need us to plan for. I think that much of the debate about early literacy gets too polarised - between those who are absolutely set against any kind of direct teaching on the one hand, and those who want a kind of regimented approach to early education where children are drilled in a small number of key skills. We have tried to make sense of shared and modelled approaches to teaching, without just watering down the curriculum for older children.

I'm posting this now because I think schools should share their work, so that we are not constantly having to start from scratch, and because I value open-ness, critical feedback, challenge and dialogue. So, please share, reuse, and remix in any way that's useful.