Monday, 29 October 2018

Manor Park Talks - effective ways to help children's early language development

It's always exciting and rewarding being a nursery school headteacher (well, pretty much always). But here's a project I am particularly excited about.

Manor Park Talks

With funding from the Education Endowment Foundation, Sheringham Nursery School is working on a collaborative project with a group of private nurseries and primary schools in our local area. The project's aim is to help children with their early communication. We are approaching this in four main ways:

  1. We are working with the UCL Institute of Education to summarise which specific practices are evidenced to support children with their speaking and listening in the early years
  2. We are offering free professional development to all participants, drawing on this evidence base
  3. As the project develops, we expect to customise those broader messages about "what works" into "what works for the children in our early years setting?"
  4. We are supporting participants with a free monthly group coaching session, focussed on implementation. 
Joint practice development

This is all part of a process which we call "joint practice development". We are not disseminating best practice from Sheringham Nursery School. Instead, we are learning alongside our local early years practitioners.

Free download: effective ways to help children's early language development

One of the first products from this work is an A2 poster which summarises the first round of research and reflection we've undertaken.

We're making this poster freely available. You can use it however you want, as long as you don't charge anyone for it.

Wider feedback

We're really interested in getting wider feedback about this, so please comment below if you've found the poster helpful, or if you have any suggestions to develop or change it. 

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