Friday 1 January 2021

Getting ready for the revised Early Years Foundation Stage in September 2021: a brief guide for senior leaders and governors

Back in November 2020, I had the privilege of speaking with my colleague Tania Choudhury at the NAHT Early Years and Primary Conference about the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. 

Our session was all about how the revised EYFS can:

  • help schools to develop an inclusive curriculum so that every child can thrive
  • support high-quality assessment and help schools to move away from tracking progress through levels? 
We're sharing our PowerPoint below. We are also sharing a short guide [PDF] which we wrote for headteachers, senior leaders and governors about the revised EYFS. The guide includes: 

  • suggestions on where to find out more about the new framework
  • a brief guide to what Ofsted are saying about workload, assessment, and outcomes
  • discussion prompts for governors and senior leaders when meeting with EYFS leads and teachers

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